• Web and SQL Server Account Requests:

    If you would like a web or SQL Server account on either our web server (carus) or SQL Server (decius). Please consult your tutor in the first instance. Your tutor should be able to arrange this for you by contacting the On Line Services Team.

  • Uploading files to the webserver (carus) using FTP

    To transfer you files to the web server you can use any ftp client such as, WsFTP, CuteFTP, or Internet Explorer. Please enter the hostname, username and password using the details shown below.

    • Hostname:

    • Username:


    • Password:

      Please enter your network/email password.

  • URL to view your website using Internet Explorer (Staff and Students):



  • Web Databases:

    If you intend to develop a web database application using an Access database you should find an access database file located within your personal directory under the subdirectory called "Writable" or "Wfolder" called your "usename.mdb", or "database.mdb"

    However, you may need a DSN (Data Source Name) setting up before you start developing your application. Please consult your tutor.

  • Access Data Source Name:

    If you you are using a DSN type connection to your Access database?
    Your Access database DSN should be referenced using the following format:


  • Web Database Applications using SQL Server database

    If you wish to develop your web database application using a SQL Server database, you will need access to your own SQL Server database on (decius). If you do not have a access to SQL Server please consult your tutor. Your tutor should be able to arrange this for you by contacting the On Line Services Team.

  • SQL Server Data Source Name:

    Please refer to your SQL Server DSN using the following format:


  • For urgent queries please contact the Online Services Team (Faculty Support)
    on Ext: 4232/4233
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